As your choice of friends and fashion so does the way you choose to decorate your home have a reflection of your personality. Basically, everything starting with what you order from Starbucks to the way you dress defines who you are as a person, your personality and what you love. How you style your home connects directly to what you like around you, who you are, and lastly how you want others to perceive you. As a matter of fact, at times we make some of the interior decorating choices in clothes or furniture consciously, we select wild patterns that say hey here I am, look at me, and then at other times we not as aware of the message we send out to the world.

What Bright Scatter Cushions, Throws and Blankets Reveal About You

Decorating with lots of cute scatters cushions, colourful throws and blankets indicate a desire to make visitors feel right at home and it reveals that others are welcomed in your space. Homes that lacks in the lounge/sitting room could, on the other hand, indicate that the decorator prefers solitude above that of companionship unless the person is just starting out.

Love the Art Deco? This is What it Says About You

A preference for Victorian style furniture and decoration is normally favoured by someone who would like others to perceive them as elegant and sophisticated. A love for Art Deco reveals a person that is either a deep thinker or very arty, sometimes a combination of both. Clean designs, bare counters in the kitchen, few decorations if any indicates a type A personability, which is a person who places appearance far above functionality.

Neutral Designs

Many home creators select sort of a blend of two styles while other prefer neutral, not too modern not to traditional, which indicates a peacemaker since the person like a mixture of everything.

Colours Selected

We all know the importance of selecting the perfect colour, especially for your living room where you will welcome and enjoy the company of your friends. Here is what the colour you choose says about your personality. Red is the colour only highly physical people are brave enough to choose and it indicates that they enjoy life and experience it via all five senses. People selecting purple often need spirituality, emotional security and it indicated that the person wants order and is probably a perfectionist.

Yellow is the colour of individuals not scared to show their individuality via logic. Orange is the colour for those who are extremely sociable and thrive on the respect and acceptance of others. Brown indicates a need for a comfortable life surrounded by loved ones and family.

Furniture could also reveal more than you want, especially if you a single guy with a bright zebra-striped couch, it might confirm your preference in partners. Pinstripes are classic and indicate class while it also indicates that your life is organised and together. So, in the end, poor choices in decorations might indicate poor choices in life, so the pressure is on choosing something really like, and if it too expensive rather wait until you have saved, it will reveal something about for the rest of the time you owe it.