Fourteen days will comprise the World Design Organizations “Virtual World Design Challenge”, which employs artists to create interior spaces themed around the research on the cosmos & ecosystems on Earth. This combination provides creative designers with numerous options, with the challenge winner being given an exclusive award. Anywhere from 40 to 250 designs will be selected between September 28th to October 9th.

Submissions concluded on September 4th, 2020. Details on what the WDO received from iconic interior designers haven’t been released. However, rumours suggest that globally known designers from Italy & Germany are participating. It’ll make the competition drastically harder for American and Latin American designers.

Supporting the “WDO Virtual World Design Challenge” is the International Space Station, which is operated by the Centre of Science Advancement in Space. Advisors working under the ISS will provide interior designers with details on the possibility of their design’s accuracy, with an emphasis on research & technology being demanded by the ISS. Most interior designers that entered this challenge are likely having to learn an extensive deal regarding the International Space Stations daily operations.

Collaborated Efforts

The goal for “WDOs Virtual World Design Challenge” is creating interior rooms that assist astronauts in space, while providing them with the comforts of home. Similarly, the opposite can be employed for those living on Earth. There’ll be an emphasis on how life in the cosmos is for modern humans while sustaining the standard necessities needed for humanity on Earth.

Information will be shared between space industry leaders at the ISS/Nasa and given to interior designers worldwide. Designers are implored to engage with technical expertise and to create solutions that address severe challenges with living in space. Questions that NASA has proposed include the sustainable development goal? Construction of an orbital university? And how can the ISS become an incubator for space-based businesses.

The industry leaders working with NASA anticipate multiple outcomes from this initiative, with most unlikely to see daylight for decades on the International Space Station. Proposed designs for product removal and interior services will first be tested on ground-based facilities at NASA. Testing won’t likely begin until 2021-22, with the challenge ending on October 29th of this year.