There is no doubt that the 75,000-seat stadium soon to be the home of the Valencia CF football club, called the Nou Mestalla is the most impressive when it comes to sport stadium designs.

Hailed as the most visually attractive stadia in Europe even before its completed, the Nou Mestalla football stadiums inside features stacks of wood and its external façade an abundance of aluminium and glass.

Initially, the concept for the football stadium to be built along the Avenida de Les Corts Valencianes was presented by Mark Fenwick in 2006. The renowned architect’s concept for the most impressive stadium in the world’s plans comprised of glass surfaces. The inside of the stadium was designed with three tiers to offer seating to 73,200 fans.

Nou Mestalla – Valencia, Spain

The Nou Mestalla project was priced at €344 million in 2007, and the completion was expected by May 2009, although by March it seemed clear that it would take longer than predicted since only the main concrete structure was ready. At the time Valencia CF was held back by debt and was unable to afford the cost of the remaining work needed. No progress took place until 2013, despite several attempts to get the project restarted. The overall costs were cut down to €200 million by simplifying the facades, roof covering was reduced, and the stadiums capacity were downscaled to 61,500.

Nou Mestalla Facilities


The Nou Mestalla is not only the most visually impressive sports stadium but also offers exceptional facilities, starting with a hospitality and reception area of 1,200m² and the total area for the players is 4,400m², including asymmetrical changing room of 450m² as well as a secondary changing room of 250m², while the area for the officials is 750m², which is part of the stipulations for five-star status by the UEFA.

The stadium also offers FIFA and UEFA five-star facilities and state-of-the-art press facilities, while it features a 3,000m² restaurant offering exceptional views of the pitch plus seventy-five catering venues as well as two big self-serving restaurants, several commercial concessions and no less than eight coffee corners.

The top tier of the Nou Mestalla stadium accommodates 22,000 spectators while 18,000 sports fans are accommodated for via the middle tier and 35,000 is accommodated via the lower tier. The stadium will host mostly football events and is also great for athletic events which involve temporary track installation, a process that takes around five days.

While the Nou Mestalla stadium’s seating bowl offers space unrivalled by any other football stadia in Europe, it also offers an excellent series of external services such as the Valencia CF Club office, stadium tours, a club retail shop, as well as a club museum. Sports fans can also use 3,100 parking spaces, 330 VIP spaces or 130 VIP premium spaces, while 30 spaces are preserved for technical staff and players and 15 spaces are allocated to coaches and buses.