Catherine + Davis [HCMD] is a multi-disciplinary design firm.  Founded by designers Halina Catherine and Melissa Davis, HCMD is the union of two seasoned and respected Interior Designers, each having more than 15 years experience.

With varied design backgrounds, Halina’s in high-end residential working with Professional Athletes, and entrepreneurs, building innumerable custom homes,  while Melissa’s work has been more budget sensitive renovations, additions and commercial projects, many of which have been featured on HGTV.  Their diversity had them often bantering about look versus budget and realizing one could have both.  The dichotomy that is HCMD, ensures each client receives the perfect balance that speaks to each individual’s needs.

The commonality these two designers shared was being raised in neighboring small town Ontario, Canada.  They are from a time and place where our purchases are investments, not simply disposable goods.  This is why our team chooses to often work alongside the craftsmen, as designers, bridging the gap between current home design and old world techniques.