Boats are stunning to marvel, with architecture & design relating to these vessels often beyond our imaginations. That is what’s seen with the Castagnola Heritage 9.9, a ship built by Gabriele Maestri. Design elements include the incorporation of carbon-fibre composite c& wood that’s been epoxied. It’s a modernized version of the same ships made by his grandfather in 1974, which during that time was named the Giovanni Castagnola. Both vessels were manufactured in the same location of Castagnola Yacht Shipyard in Italy, which opened decades ago.

Timeless & elegant looks are shared between both vessels, with technology being the defining factor that differentiates these ships. Customization is the primary selling point of the Castagnola Heritage 9.9, with buyers ample to alternate multiple methods of the ships design. That includes which wood is being implemented & what epoxy methods are infused with the carbon spin. Cherry, Mahogany, and Bamboo are being offered for customization options to buyers.

Framing of the Castagnola Heritage 9.9 is unlike any other from Gabriele Maestri, with lightweight materials employed to create faster speeds. Wood is the heaviest material that is being used, with carbon offsetting that weight. It creates a boat that travels smoothly through Italian & European waters, without concern of tipping in subpar conditions. Whenever conditions prove unfavourable & immediate docking is required, crane-operated anchors are available to eliminate tipping. The interior is designed to eliminate stress & provide peace to onboard visitors.

Price for Speed & Comfort

Individuals wondering the power of Castagnola Heritage 9.9 will be pleasantly surprised, with 320HP available to captains at 40 Knots. The maximum distance permitted with average speeds is 170 Nautical Miles, meaning travelling coastal waters is easily accomplish with minimal refueling. That’s an element that will make numerous boating fanatics interested in the Castagnola Heritage 9.9, which is available for a limited period with minimal quantity. The associated cost that comes with Castagnola Heritage hasn’t been revealed publicly, with private acquisition requested.