Prominent organizations are known for assisting the arts, with their donations providing exemplary benefits with yearly taxes & the knowledge that thousands will be defined through these donations. December 17th saw the Graham Foundation announced it’ll be financially supporting thirty-six international organizations. Details surrounding monetary rewards weren’t issued, with representatives of the Graham Foundation emphasizing what matters is the disciplines & expansion of architecture grows through these donations.

Financial support from the Graham Foundation is meant to foster excitement around the emergence of new architecture methods. Assistance is being offered to Scholars, Critics, Curators, Artists, Architects, and Designers. This will enable an expansion towards new possibilities that once wasn’t thought possible. Donations from the Graham Foundation focus on North America, Eurasia, and the Middle East. These prominent regions have witnessed drastic changes in artistic design in the architecture industry.

The Graham Foundation was founded in 1956, focusing on the development & advanced studies for architectural design. Initial support was meant for a particular industry, with numerous others being adopted through the last six decades. Cultural, Societal, and Artistic growth is the designing focus for TGF. Since being founded, more than $43 Million has been awarded 4500+ Grants. It’s that core attribute that makes the Graham Foundation a prominent member of the architectural community.

Encouragement for hundreds of artistic, communal, and architectural projects have been supported through the Graham Foundations. Major artworks held in famous buildings were enabled by TGF donating to various institutions. Their donations extend towards the youth, with Student-led publications offered monetary aid & Student residencies awarded renovations to better their education. That hasn’t changed in 2020, which has seen praise from these thirty-six organizations. Most anticipated that monetary aid from the Graham Foundation would have been lowered in 2020, following the Covid-19 Pandemic eliminating financial resources worldwide. Below we have listed five prominent educational institutions that are receiving largescale monetary aid, with three listed in North America. Read Below.

  • Educational Facilities Receiving Grants:
  • The Mei-Chin Queens Museum, China.
  • Istanbul Foundation of Culture & Arts.
  • Canadian Centre of Architecture.
  • The University of Pennsylvania.
  • The University of Chicago.