The United Kingdom is mourning the loss of an iconic & famous graphic designer that brought an entire industry into prominence for Great Britain to Norther Ireland. Announcements were issued that Martin Lambie-Nairn had passed, aged 75. Iconic imaging still witnessed on television today were established by Martin Lambie-Nairn. That included the logo used by Channel Four in Great Britain. Other notable creations from Martin included Splitting Image, an iconic children’s show that comprised of twelve seasons between 1984 to 1996. An entire generation aged between 25 to 30 are mourning the loss of Martin, who died on December 25th.

Graphic designers in the millennial generation have quoted Martin Lambie-Nairn as their initial inspiration. His creations were shown to millions across Great Britain & Northern Ireland, then extending towards an international audience. Martin created the visual identity of BBC Two & similarities of that identity are still employed today. Lambie-Nairn oversaw the digital creation of BBC Two’s modernistic design before his death. Millions worldwide witness his graphic designs unknowingly everyday.

BBC Two wasn’t the most prominent accomplishment sustained by Martin Lambie-Nairn. Graphics created by Martin extended towards BBC One, which included the incorporation of the “British Broadcasting Company Hot-Air Balloon”. It’s an iconic image synonymous with pop culture fanatics. Additional graphic designs sustained by Martin Lambie-Nairn include the complete management of BBC Four. Without Martin, BBC would support an entirely different aesthetic.


The British Broadcasting Company was the station that hosted Martin’s Splitting Image, which became famous nationwide amongst children & adults for the wholesome scenarios characters would experience. Martin won a multitude of awards for Splitting Image, including the BAFTA TV Award in 1990. Fanatics of this series are disappointed to learn that Martin Lambie-Nairn passed before witnessing the Netflix revival of Splitting Image, which was meant to release in 2019 & then 2020. It still hasn’t launched thanks to postponements resulting from Covid.