Historical sites throughout the European Union are being repurposed for housing, with populations increasing & requirements for additional real estate growing. Nations like France are sustaining these population growths, enabling prominent development with modernistic housing. An architectural firm wants to lead France into the future, proposing the Treehouse Modular Home to the Charente Town Council.

The Treehouse Proposal focuses on a historical sites in Charente’s zoning borders. Multiple sites are sustained within this region, with regional locals suspecting the “Chateau de Bayer’s” is being selected for the potential project. Other potential zoning locations include:

  • Chateau Mercerie
  • Saint-German De-Confolens
  • Tusson Town.

Incorporated elements for construction would enable owners to interact with nature. Homes would be constructed alongside forests, supporting an eco-friendly lifestyle that maintains interconnected modular components. Owners can repurpose & redesign their homes regularly through these specialized components, providing architectural-savvy individuals & environment supports continuous adventures.

Construction elements implemented into the Treehouse Modular Home by EXFigura would include supportive beans, which connected to largescale trees in Charente’s forests. Structural ladders & 4×4-metered panels create the rooms needed for living. Walls aren’t incorporated into the design, with EXFigura having these modular rooms surrounding by glass panels. This would enable owners to feel a personal connection with the surrounding nature.

Homeowners that thrive behind landscaping are best suited for EXFigura Modular Homes, with endless possibilities supported into what environment supports could incorporate with their personal designs. Opportunities to become closer with nature & sustain multiple perspectives of how climate change is altering our world is also offered under the Treehouse Proposal. The Charente Town Council hasn’t approved EXFigura’s project but has taken the plans into consideration.

The Treehouse Proposal will likely be denied, with Charente’s Town Council considering multiple options for historic sites that aren’t used by residents & tourists. These locations hold prominent memories for the region & must be respected.