There have been few successes like Airbnb when it applies to the travel industry. Following the increased outbreak of the coronavirus, this corporation is creating new strategies to ensure that profits aren’t limited going forward. This will require the assistance of customers with creative personalities who want to engage with the Airbnb Fund. Large quantities of money will be provided to ten designers globally, with those individuals required to prove they can create unusual rental properties. Those ten awarded the Airbnb Fund will be provided $100,000.00 by May 2020.

There’ll be a series of panellists that will review the various submissions made by thousands worldwide. This will include Billy Porter and Kristie Wolf, with those individuals being an award-winning actor and Airbnb Super-Host respectively. When questioned on her selection to be a guest judge on this panel, Porter mentioned that he’d want properties that push the boundaries of modern architecture. It was also noted that fans have been supportive about him joining this global search, with Billy Porter himself being excited for what’s to come.

Those designers that complete applications will be judged on their capabilities and creativity to build social outlets for Airbnb customers. This is expected to include unusual designs in unknown locations with concepts that are unique to the 2020 Era. It should be noted that Airbnb made this fund management account after multiple other organizations have begun competing in this space. Unique rentals aren’t exclusively provided through Airbnb anymore, with private owners renting Tiny Homes or Windmills in European Regions. It’s prompted a decline of 35% in market share for the Airbnb Company. Those wanting to enter this competition have until April 15th to submit their designs, with winners being announced by May 15th.

Limited Bookings for Airbnb

There will be substantial challenges for the Airbnb Company moving forward, with the coronavirus outbreak prompting an immediate decline of travellers at 93.4%. It’s expected that the travel industry will face the most severe impact from COVID-19, with upwards of $5 billion slated to be lost by the summer. It’ll be challenging for Airbnb to have consumers travel from their home nation to an international location, especially when travelling restrictions have been implemented globally. Most marketing analysts believe this will be a failed project on Airbnb’s behalf.