There’s always an influx of rumours regarding the next generation of iPhones. However, the news regarding the 12th generation is beginning to become more exciting than in recent years. Formidable leakers have expressed that significant changes to the design are being made, with the body being altered and colour options being increased. This follows after other rumours that indicated previous colours would be removed following September 2020, with Midnight Green being the selected colour for termination. The new colour schemes would be centred around deep blue and purple hues, with the latter being one of the most desired palate schemes for 2020. This would mean the 2020 iPhones would support White, Silver, Space Grey and Dark Blue.

Mobile phone analysts have been shocked by these recent rumours, with Apple introducing the Midnight Green colour scheme with the 11th generation of the iPhone. It was the highest-selling iPhone since the Red Cross variation back on the 8th generation. The Apple Corporation hadn’t seen increased sales like this for a prolonged period, with online locations and local retailers regularly being sold out. Additional rumours indicate that the 4th colour option from Apple will be changed with each generation. This would continuously allow for an influx of sales, regardless of the bodies design is altered.

The most significant rumours regarding the 12th Generation iPhone is that the body will be altered, with its aerodynamics more resembling the 4th and 5th generation iPhones. It should be noted that housing manufacturers haven’t provided any legal data regarding IPs, Trademarks or Blueprints for new designs. This suggests that the housing alteration is pre-emptively being released by leakers. There’s a chance that the 4th and 5th generation design could be returned with the 14th generation. Releasing this new housing in two generations would mark a nostalgic selling point, as it’d be a decade old at that point.

Apple Eliminating Lightning Port

The Lightning Port, it’s been used on every iPhone and iPad since the 5th generation, with millions worldwide having one somewhere in their drawers. Additional rumours suggest that the Apple Corporation would be removing the lightning port altogether. Consumers would be forced to use wireless charging, which would mean purchasing Apple’s respective product for wireless capabilities. Representatives with Apple confirmed that this design implementation wouldn’t be enforced for at least five generations, with potential E-Waste being upwards of billions of pounds.