Whether you believe the statement that stars are born and not made. One thing you can’t deny is the massive incomes of superstar athletes like Tiger Woods earn. The famous golfer has owned a variety of different properties, yet the one that stands out most is his mansion located in Florida at Jupiter Island.

Woods and Elin Nordegren Spent $40 on Florida Mansion in 2006

Woods and Elin Nordegren purchased the property in Florida in 2006 for $40 million consisting of 12-acres of grounds and features a beachfront house of 9,000 square foot. The Elin Nordegren, Woods relationship came to an end in 2010 when the couple filed for divorce. Which was also the same year the house in Jupiter Island got a makeover that included a practice facility for Woods.

Forbes & Cary Lichtenstein Regarding Most Expensive Mansion in Jupiter Island

Cary Lichtenstein is a luxury realtor as well as a golf property expert in Florida. He described the Jupiter Island home of Tiger Woods as nothing short of phenomenal in 2010 when it was worth around $50 million. He also shared that it was the most expensive of all homes found on the barrier island. Forbes published that the most expensive property sale on the island was the home bought by Woods for $40 million in 2006.

Woods Mansion Features on Jeff Lichtenstein’s List of Most Expensive Mansions in USA

Jeff Realty’s Jeff Lichtenstein included the Woods mansion on his list of most expensive United States Estates. Which features all the most expensive properties owned by the wealthiest and most famous people in the USA. The prices of homes on the list start from around $2 million and end at costs of $65 million. The only other celebrity housed in the same class as the Woods mansion included that of Gre Norman, Celine Dion and Bill Gates.

AOL Real Estates released details regarding the Woods mansion, and the list of luxuries includes multiple pools, a fitness centre, oxygen therapy room, tennis court, two master bathrooms, a gym, basement wine cellar, elevator, three-bedroom suites and a media room. While a separate guest house offers Tyger Woods the privacy, he enjoys when he is not able to enjoy his yacht also named Privacy.

Some say athletes are born, not made. If true, they’ll need a crib. Superstar athletes are well compensated for their exploits on the field, court, course, ice, and track, especially in this era of $300 million contracts and endorsement deals. Their incredible success translates to A-list lives in spectacular homes featuring shark tanks, panic rooms, car elevators—whatever they desire. Here are 20 large homes of living sports legends.

Tiger Woods, Jupiter Island, Florida

Woods’ 16,127-square-foot Jupiter Island mansion is more hazardous than most homes. His massive backyard is a unique four-hole golf course landscaped in his design. Toss in two pools and a basketball court. You’ve got a backyard unlike any other. There’s also a guest home, a private beach house, two yachts and a private beach. this is the ultimate home for any sports enthusiast.