An educational facility in Montreal and a manufacturing company in Spain are pooling their resources towards the development of medical masks. This news comes after McGill University in Montreal announced that their highest-educated students would develop protective equipment for Health Care Works battling against the Covid-19 Pandemic. This follows after medical supplies have been dwindling worldwide, which extends to personal protective equipment as well.

These students will use the 3D Printing Facilities at McGill University to design these products. They’ll be using a design created by Prusa, a corporation that focused on 3D Printing in Prague. Prusa assisted these students in creating an original layout, which has also been provided to Nagami Design in Spain. Mass production of these masks is slated to begin by March 31st.

The Spanish Equivalent

Nagami Design is a Robotic-Furniture Manufacturer in Spain. They’ve terminated their robotic operations, meaning that 3D-Printed furniture isn’t being crafted for the foreseeable future. 3D Printers will instead be implemented towards the creation of new face masks for medical staff throughout Italy and Spain. Nagami Design typically created furniture from these oversized 3D Printers, which are named the “Zaha Hadid Architects”. The shortage of medical equipment throughout Spain and Italy prompted this corporation to implement the manufacturing changes.

The Nagami Design Face Masks are a by-product of the design created by McGill University. Alterations in the model include the implementation of visors, which is attached from the forehead toward to neckline. Securing the screen is accomplished with specialized elastics and plastic films. The plastic film is fastened with a secondary band, allowing for the protective shield to be sealed around the human body. This ensures that Covid-19 cannot be exposed in any manner to medical officials.

3D Printing Technologies have become the ultimate designing tool for manufacturing during Covid-19. It’s allowing multiple companies to change their operational strategies and move towards the benefit of medical staff and worldwide citizens. These face mask designs are open-sourced code through Prusa, allowing any company to follow the blueprints assessed by Nagami Design. It should be noted that they’ve already begun mass production and will begin shipping by April 1st.