Gambling is one of the most competitive industries, whether you think offline or online. Every casino is looking to attract the highest number of players possible; some offer free drinks and comps, other massive bonuses and even no deposit bonuses.

Casino Flight of Fantasy

One thing is for sure over the past few decades, the marketing side has thought of the weirdest ideas, and some are quite ingenious. You be the judge on whether the casino ideas are wacky or wonderful. Most marketing departments claim they listen to the players. When the blackjack lover’s list of wishes showed, the number one wish is for a high-flying casino. Those who work around the clock to please the players went back to the drawing board.
Airjet Designs and Deliquescence the French design firm got an idea in 2012 on how to make this wish a reality. The mimicked a futuristic air-craft to offer an in-flight experience in the casino called the Jet Lounge.

Did Austin Powers Have A Say in the Design?

The Casino Jet Lounge features a blackjack table and bar and offers players a retro vibe that dates back to the 1960s space age. Most visitors say they think Austin Powers had a say in the design and décor.

You Might Feel You on the Set of a James Bond Film

The designer of the Casino Jet Lounge is Frederique Houssard, and he strongly disagrees with the Austin Powers idea. He based the whole design on a concept that could bring back the glitz and glamour of the 50s and even 60s. The casino offers the same feel as you enjoy in movies such as James Bond.

Gambling in-flight An Idea by Several Designers

Singapore Airlines claim the idea belongs to them as they took gambling into the air long before the whole Casino Jet Lounge started. The flights between San Francisco and Singapore by Singapore Airlines offers in-flight gaming since 1981. Although the entire in-flight gambling experiment only lasted for about two months at the time. The airline admits that the gambling machines was a more significant operational challenge than expected. So, after two months, the in-flight casino adventure ended when the devices were removed.

In-Flight Online Casino Gambling

Swissair decided in the early 1990s to offer gambling software to passengers on a variety of casino classics such as keno, poker and blackjack. It allowed travellers to make bets worth up to 350; it was a great way to enjoy top entertainment on your flights. Unfortunately, one of the Swissair flights crashed in 1998, and the investigators found that the entertainment system on the plane caused the disaster. It took a couple of years before Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Atlantic Airways, announced his idea of offering on-flight casino entertainment. Since 2005 a few of his A380 planes offer double beds and on-flight casinos. His marketing line, you can get lucky on a flight with Virgin now in two ways.