When someone asks you what design style you prefer, it’s often hard for the everyday person to explain, so below we going to break down and simplify some of the design styles you may have heard of.


Some key elements in the Mediterranean design style include the layout of the room and how it is built. High arches, plastered walls and tiled or marbled floors are mostly seen in this type of home. Colours include warm, earthy tones; terracottas, browns, creams and golds, and every now and again, a blue or green will be used as a highlight colour in accessories.

Fabrics include scattered cushions that resemble tapestries, woven fabrics and cotton or silk rugs. In the living rooms, you will see big comfy couches with rounded edges with some exposed wood as well as decorative wooden tables showing off simple yet beautiful carvings. Bedrooms feature high poster beds and luxurious linens. No one can deny that Mediterranean-style designs are luxurious and rich and welcome you with a feeling of warmth.


The contemporary design is one of the favourites among young professionals. Furniture has square edges, creating the three-dimensional feeling of colour blocking. Colouring is normally a neutral colour or two, highlighted with something exciting, giving off the rather cliché but perfectly descriptive “pop” of colour. Black and red, grey and yellow, white and blues are some examples. Another characteristic to take note of is that a contemporary design is rather sparse and minimal, with zero clutter, a coffee table will display a fruit bowl or a candle maybe even a magazine or two, but that’s all, and it will be strategically placed, everything is neat and concise.


Rustic designs are the epitome of upcycling. Here you will see unfinished wood everywhere, often whitewashed or painted and sanded down, with handmade nails exposed, and copper tacks along the seams of upholstered furniture. The rougher the wood or metal is, the better. Aged tea boxes are used as accent tables, restored shipping chests are used as coffee tables and pallet wood may even clad the walls. Scatter cushions and woven rugs play tribute to your grandmother’s cross-stitch creations while lampshades are indicative of hessian bags.


When you walk into a traditionally styled room, you immediately feel like royalty, you might even find yourself craving tea and scones. This design includes rich, dark wooden floors, soft wall colours, top of the range fabrics and heavy wooden furniture. One of the most important things to consider with this design are the curvy, flowing, regal lines. Overstuffed couches are often full of fringed, plump scatter cushions, while windows are framed with heavy yet highly elegant drapes, that normally hang from the ceiling to the floor. The light-coloured walls display mirrors in bulky gold or silver decorative frames as well as beautifully painted watercolours. This is a wonderful design for the antique lover or someone who has inherited china and silver tea sets as this can all be easily incorporated into the design.