The Jason Mraz Music Studio has finalized its completion, with the non-profit educational facility taking yearly to design & construct. MBH Architects created the blueprint designs for this music studio, with Good Tiding Foundation providing financial costs associated with construction. The “Jason Mraz Music Studio” was designed into the “National City Arts Centre” in California, which also has been recently renovated. This additional 1,000-Square-Feet of space is dedicated to serving aspiring musicians throughout California. Applicants wanting to attend the National City Arts Centre must be aged between 8 to 24. Assessments are conducted in-person if applicants are approved, with acceptance provided to the top 10% of each age group.

The National City Arts Centre has focused on youth throughout San Diego, California. Music programs are provided at the highest quality, with workshops supporting instrumental access & composition. Songwriting & development is also supported throughout the new “Jason Mraz Music Studio”. Students on the Honorary Role will be given first access to these updated facilities, with new applicants selected after the COVID-19 pandemic has concluded throughout California.

The Design

Entering this space prompts creative & entertaining thoughts, with the “Jason Mraz Music Studio” sign displaying bright colours. Located at the main entrance exterior of the National Arts City Centre, selecting to enter JMMS will have a two-story lobby & facility showcased. The Hall on Inspiration is located in the lobby, where inspiration quotes, classical instruments, and artwork is displayed for visitors.

MBH Architects have selected an evident colour palette. There’s yellow, green, orange, and blue saturated throughout the “Jason Mraz Music Studio”. Selected colours were chosen to respect the recently released album from Jason Mraz, named Look for the Good. This iconic artist would die weeks after it’s the official release.

Dedication towards Jason Mraz didn’t end with a simplistic colour palette, with MBH Architects creating a mural of the famous music on the JMMS Main Stage. The stage itself is dedicated after the music, with similar colour palettes implemented to compliment the remainder of this studio. The National City Arts Centre hopes that future musicians that reach prominence record their first albums at the “Jason Mraz Music Studio”.