A two-month-old tiger once was the Christmas present retired boxer Floyd Mayweather JR received. Mayweather still holds the record of 49-0 and regularly posts photos of him and his tiger on Instagram.

As most professional sports stars earn substantial salaries, it is interesting to see what they actually spend their fortunes on. Here are some of the craziest purchased made by popular athletes.

Professional Boxing – Mike Tyson

Every boxing fan knows Mike Tyson as well as his story from rags to mega-riches. There was indeed a time when Tyson had unlimited amounts of money to his disposal. He spent large amounts of dollars on cars, clothes and jewellery. However, when it comes to the craziest single item, he bought it is the gift he gave Robin Givens, his ex-wife which was a bathtub worth $2 million.

Soccer – Christiano Ronaldo

It is often said that the Portuguese sports superstar could also be a model, and one thing Ronaldo knows how to do well apart from sports is living large. It is estimated that he has spent well over $4 million on cars and owns an Aston Martin DB9, Lamborghini Aventador and Bentley Continental. He also bought a GTC, Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe and a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, to name only a few.

Golf Professional – Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is not only a golf superstar. He really knows how to enjoy a truly extravagant lifestyle. He spent around $60 million on a property based on the water-front on Jupiter Island in Florida. The mansion features a diving pool as well as a 100 feet-long swimming pool. It also offers a gymnasium that is 5,700 square-feet and the long list of unique features also includes a training studio that offers four gold greens.

Basketball Superstar – Michael Jordan

Named the greatest player of all time in basketball, Jordan spent $30 million after he took the Jordan can fly Air trophy quite serious. He then went out and purchased a Gulfstream IV for himself and had it customised and emblazoned with the number 23.

Soccer Star – Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli is known for his terrific-soccer style as well as his eccentric personality. Although no items are known, what they cost the Italian striker millions of dollars. He did spend quite a bit on fines issued due to his habit of parking wherever he feels and these accumulated up to $15,000.

Boxing Legend – Evander Holyfield

Known as one of the greatest boxers of all times, Holyfield is placed second on the list of boxers spending massive amounts of dollars. Holyfield is second on the list of big spending boxers as Tyson is holding onto the first position with all his might. Evander Holyfield reached quite a high position on the list of massive spenders once he spent $20 million on a property that features two bowling alleys and 109 rooms.

Other big spenders include football star Chad Johnson who spent $100,00 on a customised truck in 2011 as a 32nd birthday gift to himself. Baseball star Jack Clark spend $717,000 on a Ferrari F-40 to adds to his collection of 17 other luxurious cars, although he did file for bankruptcy at the end of his career.