The Sony Corporation – Mobile Division, is looking to make a comeback throughout 2020. This follows after the company has struggled to meet consumer demands with modernized smartphones. Two genres in this industry have maintained the Premium and Mid-Range Space. Sony previously unveiled its Premium handset earlier this year. Late April would mark the date when the Sony Xperia L4 would be officially unveiled, providing multiple upgrades in comparison to the 2019 model.

The 1st significant upgrade related to the screen, which boasts a 6.2-Inch Screen with 1080- resolution in the 21:9 aspect ratio. This makes it a significantly larger device to its predecessor, with the resolution also improved. The most substantial improvement applies to the aspect ratio. Sony is the exclusive manufacturer that engages with the 21:9 AR, with this form factor providing premium viewing experiences with films and video game content.

Sony unveiled that this aspect ratio is targeted towards consumers wanting to multitask, with released footage showcasing someone texting while using YouTube at the same time. Photographers will find reliability with this multitasking technology, as the three-lens camera system can be engaged while editing with Photoshop. Unique outcomes will follow with this unique opportunity.

The three lenses supported with the Xperia L4 include a 13 Megapixel F/2.0 Primary Sensor. Additional sensors include an Ultra-Wide 5MP Lens at F/2.2 and the Depth Lens at 2MP F/2.4. It should be mentioned that these modular are low-level in comparison to premium handsets, but that’s what’s sustained with Mid-Range devices.

Additional Specs

A 3,580mAh battery powers the Sony Xperia L4. PR Representatives claim this’ll last a full day of usage. That 24-hour timeframe is possible because of the MediaTek Helio P22 Chipset, which is alternated to perform on lower-grade devices with smaller-sized specifications. That’s why consumers will notice that the L4 supports the minimum of 3GB in RAM, which extends towards the 64GB of storage space. Those wanting to purchase this handset internationally can’t until Spring 2020. However, it’s currently available in the United Kingdom for £169.00. Locations supporting this device include UK Sony Centre’s and Curry’s PC World.