Art can take on many forms from the abstract to the obscene, it can cause instant moments of fleeting abundance, it can be fluid, or it can be timeless pieces of mastery. The latter being the work of architectural masters, designers of greatness, the dreamers behind the grandiosity of casinos, outshining the test of time. These architects managed to create playgrounds known for their thrill and fun, magic and wonder, palaces of magnificence. Here are only a few of these masters of construction and the timeless pieces they created.

Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas – Jay Sarno

Sarno’s vision was conceived in the 1960s. It has stood the test of time as well as the test of renovation, still intact with the original idea well presented. This palace brings back memories of the Greco-Roman empire, complete with statuary and marble designs. Indeed an exact resemblance of the larger than life design Sarno envisioned decades ago. With Julius Caesar welcoming visitors into this opulence and spectacular magnitude.

The Grand Lisboa, Macau – Dennis Lau and Ng Chun Man

Standing out above the rest is the crown jewel of Macau. The most outstanding of all thirty-eight casinos in Macau and the tallest building around at an impressive forty-seven stories. This is the creation of two architects from Hong Kong. The building was intended to be daring, to be expressive and to be a clear reflection of the ocean greeting the shores of the peninsula. The building also brings back memoirs of times gone by, times of Portuguese colonialism, exploring life in a different time.

Adelaide Casino – Buchan Architects

Two worlds are merging into one. The historic train station in Adelaide became one with a new architecture to create an intriguing balance between the landmark days gone by and modern times of the here and now. This is an intimate casino with only 90 gaming tables and 950 casinos. Keeping intact the history of the building inside protected by an outer exterior of modern shine with gold-tinted glass blends, complementing the golden hints on the old train station’s stones.

Crown Casino, Melbourne – Daryl Jackson

Jackson envisioned an illuminated glass spectacle serving as the hallmark set at the riverfront of the Yarra River. This is indeed a theatrical place with more than 200 000 square feet of gaming space, offering over 2 000 luxury rooms, shops and restaurants. The clean lines of the building reflect the river, lending a sense of being alive to the stagnant structure. This is considered to be an architectural masterpiece which brought Jackson plenty of recognition for his ingenious design.

Venetian Macau, Aedas and HKS

As extraordinary as her sister situated in Las Vegas that served as the inspiration when the extraordinary dream was dreamt for Macau. Impressive in size too, Venetian Macau is 550 000 square feet of gaming excellence. Intertwined with canals, shops and even gondoliers. This is a building of awe and wonder, as lavish on the exterior as the interior.