When it comes to designers, most people think of interior designers, perhaps fashion designers or any other form of creative design. The design professionals are creative, have insight into the latest trends.

There is a whole list of designers apart from fashion or interior design; these include graphic designers, web designers, motion graphic designers and UX/UI designers.

Fastest Growing Market in Designing

Statistics by Statista includes poker, sports betting, bingo, blackjack and slots into the casino gaming category. According to the statistical figures, online gambling has tripled over the past ten years. Which means it is one of the fastest-growing markets and the most demanding on developers and game creators.

Creating an Online Video Slot

The workflow chart of online game developers differs, although it would most include the following in the planning stage:

  • Target market
  • Mission
  • Loads of Researching
  • Planning of the Game
  • Creation style
  • At the end the final overall design

How Long it Takes on Average to Complete an Online Slot

According to some of the top online slot develops, it can take around one year to complete a premier online slot. The number of people working to achieve one slot is about a dozen, and it all starts with a drawing a page. The team of slot designers, mathematicians and creative artists have to figure out everything about the game before the design work starts. The inside of the game such as the mechanics, features and the theme.

One of the major decisions is the volatility of the slot; there is three to decide on, either low-risk, medium or high-risk variances. Every single detail of the game plays a significant part, including its number of reels, paylines, bonus rounds and whether it features a progressive jackpot or not.

What Determines the Success of an Online Slot?

Making the slot takes about a year, and once the game passed endless testing and is certified, it gets launched to online casinos. The casinos then add it to their gaming library, the number of casinos that add the game does not have an influence directly in its success. Although the more casinos that offer the game, the more exposure the game enjoy.

The final decision on its success is the player. What counts is the number of players that try the game. What has a much bigger say in its success is the number of players returning to play the game regularly. Player tracking allows the casino and the developer to study the player-behaviour, age, amount wagered, and the number of times each player spins on the game. Still, the next slot is a new challenge; if the previous was great, the problem is to better it.

It is back to the drawing board to decide on the theme, the volatility, bonus features, number of paylines, and whether it would feature a progressive jackpot. Most of the decisions are based on what players enjoy and favour the most.