Innovations with the development of mobile phones grow yearly, with multiple companies competing against each other for market share. It’s most notable the Apple Company & Samsung Corporation that dominate the smartphone market, often competing against each other for the conversion of new customers. They garner loyalty amongst consumers by implementing modernistic designs into their mobile handsets, using unique colours & construction elements to gain excitement. The Apple Company has failed in recent years to accomplish these goals, with Samsung often dominating over their rivals. This was proven again with the recent announcement of the “Samsung Galaxy Note 20”, and “Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus”.

This handset series from Samsung is the highest-performing smartphone available under the Samsung Banner. Every year customers scramble to obtain the short supply of Samsung Galaxy Notes, with these being consistent since 2016. Samsung has innovated its lineup by releasing a new physical design, which coincides similar to the Samsung Galaxy S Lineup. The physical design is complimented with five distinct colour shades that are unique to the Note Series.

The “Mystic Shades” available to consumers depends on their region with two colour options, allowing for higher levels of exclusivity with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series. Below our readers will locate a detailed analysis of the Shade selections chosen by Samsung for their latest handset.

  • Mystic Bronze: This Shade is the signature colour selected by Samsung for their 2020 Galaxy Note Series. It’s a Shade that’s been heavily featured in the marketing campaign for their latest handset. It’s available worldwide for all consumers, terminating the concern for exclusivity. The United Kingdom is receiving the 5G Model, with the United States being downgraded for the 4G Model. All remaining nations will receive both Models.
  • Mystic Green: Samsung’s next Shade selection is Mystic Green, which is the most limited colour option available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series. It’s available exclusively to the United Kingdom with the 5G Broadband Connection. Americans & Australians desiring this Shade must order from a UK Telecom Provider at full price, then have it shipped to their location, and manually enter their Broadband IP Address.
  • Mystic Grey: The next Shade opted by Samsung for their Galaxy Note 20 Series is limited to the United Kingdom & Australia. Mystic Grey is supported for both versions of this smartphone, maintaining both a 4G and 5G Broadband Communication Connection.
  • Mystic White: Samsung’s Mystic White is available in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. It’s also available in all other nations worldwide. This means that similar to Mystic Bronze, this colour option isn’t exclusive to specific regions. Both 4G & 5G Broadband Communications are available, with all storage options permitted.
  • Mystic Black: This is the final Shade selection made for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series. It’s similar to Mystic White & Bronze, meaning availability is supported worldwide in the 4G and 5G Broadband Connections. All storage options are maintained. It’s expected that Mystic White & Black will be the highest sellers.