The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted unexpected companies to start manufacturing medical equipment for healthcare providers worldwide. This extends multiple Formula One Teams, including the Ferrari, which is based in Italy. They’re continuing to assist with the COVID-19 crisis after it was confirmed that production on updated respirator valves has begun. They’ll be fitted to existing protective masks created by the Maranello Factory and added to all new models.

This pandemic has dominated over the Italians, prompting one of the most historical nations worldwide to enter a standstill. Civilians throughout the various provinces have rallied together through social distancing, with footage showing them signing from their balconies. Classic songs from the Roman Era have resurfaced throughout the pandemic, showing that Italians never stopped believing in their heritage and will continue to pursue onwards like the gladiators before them.

It’s for reasons like this that the Ferrari Formula One Team has implemented multiple measures for assistance. This includes providing a €10 Million Donation to the Italian Red Cross, with numerous vehicles being supplied under the Fiat Chrysler Company. Most forget that Ferrari is operated and maintained by Fiat, another Italian-based auto manufacturer. These infamous corporations have implemented the usage of Maranello, allowing for Italian Civilians employed by Ferrari and Fiat to assist their people by creating respirators or ventilators.

Medical equipment is 1st distributed throughout Italy, with minor supplies provided to the remainder of Europe. North, Central and South America have been left to their accords for medical equipment production. This extends towards Australia, Asian Nations and Africa. Fittings for respirator masks aren’t the common task for Ferrari and Fiat employees. Crafting the latest prototype for the 2021 Formula One Season is their typical assignment.

The UK Faulters

However, employees have expressed their gratitude for being able to provide help in any way possible. Thousands throughout Italy want to aid, similar to the United Kingdom’s National Healthcare System Initiative, which saw 400k civilians register to become volunteers during COVID-19.

However, the Italian Government hasn’t implemented similar measures. It should be noted that the UK hasn’t practised severe social distancing measures, with them often being broken by law enforcement and civilians. Proof of this was displayed at the London Bridge, which saw hundreds of UK Citizens and Law Enforcement clap for the National Healthcare Services. Nurses backlashed against their decisions, as not following social distancing measures is the furthest thing from thanking these individuals. It’ll just prompt an increase of confirmed cases and most likely deaths.