Supporters behind the OnePlus smartphone brand were anticipating a full reveal by April 14th. However, multiple leaks and confirmations surrounding the OnePlus 8 Handset have made this reveal unnecessary. Information known about this handset includes the added capabilities of Wireless Charging and 5G Telecommunications. Mobile phone analysts didn’t anticipate any additional confirmations on this handset until April 14th.

Those individuals were incorrect, with the OnePlus Company showcasing a significant preview of their upcoming product through Twitter and their respective Forums. This posting was meant to showcase how far OnePlus has come since their 1st phone in 2012. It should be noted that the standard model was shown, with the Pro Edition still being secretive. Diehard supporters behind the OnePlus brand will view this streamed press conference to educate themselves on the additional features.

OnePlus Fanatics were shocked when this brand revealed that new materials are being used for the handsets framing. It’ll enable for the infamous Haze Effect with OnePlus handsets to become more defined, while also ensuring a more comfortable feeling for long-term usage. That’ll be possible with a lighter and thinner housing case. When looking throughout the Forum Posting, there are minimal details revealed about the full-scale design of the standard and pro models.

The Colours

The camera bump and front of the phone are kept hidden with a teaser, showing instead of the back of this handset. Consumers immediately noticed the new Green Haze Effect, which hasn’t been seen with OnePlus for over four generation cycles. It should be noted that additional colour schemes will be supported. Rumours suggest that the Haze Effect with OnePlus will be combined with a Blue, Red, Silver and Orange metallic housing structure. Standard models without the Haze Effect will also be released in Black and White. It’ll allow for consumers to have a selection of six colours for the OnePlus 8 Standard & Pro.

The Press Conference

Those wanting to know the additional details of this handset should watch the streamed press conference on April 14th. Information on the camera capabilities, remaining design and specialized features will be revealed during this conference. It should be mentioned that those wanting to purchase this handset will be forced to implement an online-only sale or contract. Telecommunication outlets are shutdown for COVID-19.