If you are someone with an extremely small bathroom, there’s no need to worry, as we have loads of bathroom ideas to assist you. It doesn’t matter how compact your bathroom is, we are confident that you’ll find a chic design to perfectly suit your needs.

A small bathroom can be practical, stylish, and with the right guidance, space-efficient. The best advice we can give you is to make your bathroom look significantly bigger by utilising neutral colours that run up the walls, along the floor, and even continue onto your loo and bath. This will essentially create an impression of never-ending space as opposed to breaking up the small bathroom into several areas, making the room feel more boxed in.

You can also consider installing a skylight to further open the bathroom, creating airy space and more light. White furnishings will assist in bouncing light throughout the room which means you can incorporate personality with a handful of captivating accessories. The key to a small bathroom is lighting. You can include task lighting alongside mirrors or place dimmable light options behind a bath to create mood and drama.

There’s absolutely no need to keep a small bathroom minimalistic and plain. If you are someone that loves vintage style, go for it. To stop a bathroom from feeling cluttered, use clever storage compartments to maintain a feeling of sophistication and space. Let’s look at a few more ingenious ideas you can use in a small bathroom space.

Wallpaper a cloakroom

The best way to disguise a small bathroom is to draw attention with a striking wallpaper. Should you have a shower or bath, as oppose to a cloakroom, ensure you purchase a wallpaper that is specifically made for bathrooms that can deal with warm, damp conditions.

Buy multi-functional and freestanding furniture

A limited floor space shouldn’t limit your creative flair. Should your bathroom be on the small side, look for freestanding furniture that will allow you to move it around whenever you feel like it. Freestanding seating and storage will allow you to change the scheme whenever you like, and unlike fitted units, you can easily take the freestanding furniture when you need to move.

Trick your eyes with tiles

What the eye perceives and the amount of space you have aren’t always the same thing. Play with the perception boundaries by tiling the wall and the side of your bath with the same tile design. This makes it difficult to determine where each begins which in turn makes the space feel much bigger.

Purchase tall tiered storage

Tiered storage stands keep practical wash bags and luxurious packaged lotions on show and it also makes them easy to grab while in the bath. Should space be extremely limited, you can also tote the tiered stand from one bathroom to another when required.

Install wall-hung units

Fittings that float visually maximize the space as you can see more of the bathroom floor and it makes it easier to clean the bathroom.