Whether you are a huge home décor fanatic or an inspiring designer, you’ll find inspiration from these amazing trend-setting designs. There are so many different design styles that we decided to select some of the most popular ones for this week.

Asian – Excellent Option When You Favour Contemporary Style

Focused on striking shapes, sleek lines and clean designs, Asian interiors often creates a serene, peaceful feel. The Asian décor style is complemented by stone sinks, decorative greenery, pebble backsplashes and mostly contain references to natural items or nature.

The main focus in Asian-inspired homes is serenity, cleanliness and the use of multi-purpose furniture that also offers disguised storage. Most commonly used in this design style are benches and ottomans opening up to offer storage, chairs and sofas adorned with scattered pillows in a variety of colours. Table lamps and light fixtures are as practical as the rest of the furniture and accessories are normally intricately patterned table lamps.
Chippendale – Loved Since 1754

Chippendale – Loved Since 1754

As visually attractive as the Chippendale design style is, so is its history. Inspired by the furniture catalogue published by Thomas Chippendale, the furniture used are strongly influenced by the architectural elements of the Chinese widow patters and roofs as well as Rococo and Gothic finishing’s. Intricately detailed chair backrests are achieved via back legs with designs flowing upwards, while tapered legs are one of the most featured characteristics of the Chippendale styled furniture.

Lacy patterns and club feet are also part of the favoured design, while furnishing is mostly made form easily carved mahogany. Chairs and stool are upholstered with silk or velvet, while the Chippendale interiors are styled with creamy greys and whites as well as neutral tones. Chandeliers are basically a must when it comes to completing this sophisticated style and favoured metallics such as bronze, silver and gold are used throughout the Chippendale styled home.

Danish – Perfected by Contemporary & Modern Influences

Simple, clean and with emphasis on sleek, defined by simplicity and Nordic aesthetics is the best way to describe the Danish interior decorating style. Fabrics, upholstery and patterned scatter cushions are used to introduce bright colours, while stark whites, neutral tones and beige are used throughout the home to provide seamless contrast with bold-coloured accessories. The furniture used is without detail as the focus is clean lines and function takes priority over style.

The focus of each room falls on tables and chairs combined via a few decorative pieces. The Danish style is preferred by many due to its uncluttered, crisp, cool interior style that also uses lamps with sleek basses and white shades placed to illuminate the monochromatic colour palette of this design style.

Whether you favour the Danish, Chippendale or Asian interior design style the focus remains on creating a home that is never cluttered with lots of accessories and each of the styles offers a refreshing, clean and crisp look. Should not one of the above styles be what you’re looking for, do return next week we’ll be exploring a whole range of other design styles.