We’ve explored interior styles in previous weeks that inspire and enthuse while the list of tremendous trend-setting designs continues this week. If you’ve decided to re-create your entire home or just your living room, you have a load of super exciting décor ideas and styles to choose from as we continue to discover and explore more options.

Steampunk, Industrial Machine-Style Perfect for the Modern & Unique Designer

Steampunk is one of the most creative styles and enables the designer to mix machine style, with industrial to create an elegant interior. This design style composes of raw materials such as bronzes, coppers, dark wood and leather. The furniture style used in Steampunk offers industrial flair and the sofas and chairs are constructed from metals and salvaged woods completed by leather upholstery. Light bulbs are used without decorative objects and often used bare, while the most frequently used to complete the look is old maps that adds a vintage feel to the style.

Perfecting the Steampunk design is exposed concrete walls, materials like pipes, and weathered wood beams all adding to the charm of the design. Steampunk is a magnificent blend of Gothic broodiness and Victorian flamboyance combined with industrial age mechanisation. The design style originated at the turn of the 20th century and is inspired by HG Wells and Jules Vern. The style is extremely popular and often used in films and it continues to be one of the most popular this year.

Gothic, Medieval Castle Charm Mixed with Dramatic

Most identified by pointed arches and windows in iconic shapes, the Gothic interior design style also includes flying reinforcements and vaulted ceilings creating an interior space that is nothing short of striking. One of the most common furniture pieces used in Gothic is box chairs panelled to provide storage space, and you’d be wrong if you thought this interior design is all about black, it includes blues, greens, dark purple and rich reds, used sparingly to accent the use of dark woods. Lasting through the ages from its origin in the 12th century

Gothic is characterised by dramatic and heavy styles. The style is perfect for anyone who loves a dramatised design and colours that simply intensifies, although the look can be based on personal preferences as long as it still offers the feeling that you’ve entered a medieval castle that brings Gothic into the modern age.

While the white-wash technique is used to create Greek styles, wooden items can be painted black and chairs added with side panels can make it easy to transform current items to complement the style. Wooden box chairs in black are often used while regular tables are added to with thick frames, while dark red cushions combined with purple provide a dramatic look that can be further enhanced by bright colour painted ceilings. The style is often thought off as colourless or scary, although in reality it is romantic and characterised by essentials such as candles, medieval tapestries as well as fireplaces.