The rise of minimalistic homes in the last decade has been incredible. One of the most infamous manufacturers of these tiny homes is Muji from Japan. They’ve designed three previous houses, which to this date, still have their respective waiting lists for international shipping. This isn’t because the company can’t meet demands, but more so because consumers keep purchasing these three models in high percentages. Mid-December marked the announcement of their fourth design, which is being named the Sun House. It will act as a single-story prefabricated home with a low-profile design for rural and suburban areas. Muji also designed this model with the elderly in mind, avoiding any staircases or steps.

The announcement of their fourth minimalistic home design marked their 15th anniversary in this industry. Their first design was released back in 2004 as the Wood House, which was followed by the Window House in 2008. When the new decade arrived in 2010, Muji released their first multi-storied house design with the Vertical home. This marked the last model for minimalistic international homes until December 2019. However, throughout the previous decade, Muji has focused its efforts on Micro homes for the Japanese Market. This saw the launch of the Muji Hut in 2017, which was sold at 60% more than anticipated percentages.

The Sun House

The Sun House is available for international shipping, taking its architectural designs from traditional Japanese Housing. This means there’s an open layout, providing homeowners with the capability to engage with their prefabricated home in any context you could imagine. Natural light and free concepts are the main focus of this home’s design, with three large-scale glass doors maintained on one side of the home. This allows for significant amounts of sunlight to enter the house, with the outer frames design meant to reflect glaring sunlight away.

Vaulted ceilings provide a level of spaciousness not commonly seen with prefabricated minimalist homes. Muji has guaranteed that this design is energy-efficient, with solar panels and high-quality recycled materials available for add-ons. Included with the purchase of the Sun House is a recessed wooden deck, which will maintain a vegetable garden and fire pit. Those wanting to purchase this home must have a budget of $160,000.00 or more.