U.S retailers have found they are seeing an increased demand for home design products after being regulated to working from home. This comes after the United States announced a national emergency in mid-March when all 50 states reported coronavirus cases.

A recent Gallup survey, a company that provides advisory and analytical information to business, showed that over 30% of Americans were in March working from home. However, since the pandemic took hold, that number increased to over 60% before the end of March. It also saw a surge in the number of people spending time at home and ultimately, opting to redecorate their interior spaces.

After the stay-at-home orders went into effect in the United States, The RealReal, a luxury consignment retailer, saw sales of home-based items increase 23%. In addition, another website retailer, Moda Operandi, reported its sales of homeware items had increased a staggering 97 percent.

The month of March also saw Wayfair, an online home renovation and online furniture retailer, see its demand for home and kitchen items surge. This includes items such as mattresses, towels, bedding and more. The fact so many are at home and spending almost all their time at home is making many reconsider their décor and opting to make changes or simply, upgrade to newer items. This has also seen an increase in items deemed “pleasurable” as people are looking to increase their comfort levels at home.

Traditional Retailers have Felt the Coronavirus Impact

The reality is, while traditional retailers may have struggled, those who predominantly or exclusively operate online have seen a surge in business with no end in sight. Moda Operandi reports that many shoppers are stocking up on festive items such as napkins, plates and placemats, for example. This is in line with the increased amount of cooking taking place in the home after most restaurants closed amid the pandemic.

High-end shoppers are also following this trend reports The RealReal, who showed increase sales for items such as tabletop and sculpture. It said an increase of 16% compared to the same period last year.

Now that many restrictions have been lifted in the U.S, many are returning to their old habits. However, as the increase in cases continues in the United States, those trends in sales will most likely continue, at least for the short-term.