April 2020 marked the date when Notre Dame Cathedral would engulf in flames, being destroyed in front of thousands & then billions worldwide. It sparked global sympathy towards the reconstruction of France’s notable religious site, which has influenced numerous forms of entertainment.

Delegations regarding the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral have sustained more than twelve months, with some regarding that a contemporary design better suited our modern world & others demanding Notre Dames gothic features be rebuilt. After the President of France emphasized his desire for advanced design features with the reconstruction of Notre Dame. These sentiments prompted the involvement of UNESCO, who clarified that World Heritage Sites must be rebuilt in the same manner they were originally constructed before damages.

After UNESCO forced the hand of Emmanuel Macron, the French President announced that Notre Dame would be restored entirely in a gothic design. Questions regarding his hints & sentiments towards a contemporary design were avoided by Emmanuel Macron, acting like those remarks were never uttered. Details in his confirmation of the Gothic Design noted that restoration must be completed for Summer 2024. This isn’t surprising when remembering that Paris is holding the 2024 Olympic Games.

Inside sources working with Emmanuel Macron didn’t hesitate to clarify the President’s reasoning towards contemporary design. Sentiments from PR Agents iterated that Emmanuel didn’t want to exceed deadlines, with modern designs being less complicated & easier for restoration purposes.

French Architects emphasized that creating a contemporary spire would’ve sparked international competition for obtaining that respective contract. This competition is limited by abiding UNESCO Restoration Standards, which requires architects from France with experience in restoring Gothic buildings, sustain this contract. It should be mentioned that an international competition would’ve created significant delays outweighing the 2024 timeframe.

Avoiding the Truth

Emmanuel Macron has often avoided the subject of Notre Dame, which garnered USD 1 Billion in funding from worldwide donations. The required funds for restoration purposes is less than half that valuation, prompting French civilians to question their President on what will be done with the remaining funds. President Macron has often avoided that subject matter.