Three casinos which are symbolic of a glamorous gambling affair. Spending a night at any of these grand casinos is limited to a selected group in the world, a playground for the super-wealthy and their friends. Home to the stars and celebrities, the royalty and the super-rich of the world. Therefore these venues deliver an aesthetic appeal to live up to the standard of decadence to please their patrons. Decorated in the most exquisite and lavish, to entertain and entice.

The Venetian

The Venetian Macao is breath-taking in both grandiosity and magnificence and earns a bronze medal on this list. The casino is significant in size and brings her patrons 3 400 slot machines and 800 gambling tables. In a separate arena, all entertainment and sporting events are hosted. This arena is as grandiose as the rest of the Venetian Macao, covering an entire area of 550 000 square feet. It isn’t the sheer size which gained it third place in our rankings, but much rather the impressive interior design. An intricate balance between Eastern influence and Western aesthetics with a dash of exotic wood. The Chinoiserie murals remind of an 18th-century lifestyle while the lavish crown mouldings are delivering an over-the-top appeal of luxury, fuelled by the abundance provided by a Feng shui design.

Casino Baden-Baden

A legendary contribution to Germany’s crown of exceptional beauty. Casino Baden-Baden was indeed described as the most beautiful casino of the world, by none other than Marlene Dietrich. In its 268th year of glamourous existence, Baden-Baden is a good number two. The interior has a strong French influence contrasted against the backdrop of the mystical Black Forest. The interior and design of Baden-Baden were based on the palaces of French royalty, and it inevitably turned out to be a playground for kings. Gilded mirrors and crystal chandeliers, draped in scarlet curtains are echoing wealth and opulence. The only element absent here is time, for no clock will be seen, enticing patrons to lose themselves in a time of glamourous brilliance.

Casino De Monte Carlo, Monaco

The globally acknowledge icon of luxury and splendour. The Belle Epoque building has been home to the wealthiest and most famous in the world since it was opening in 1863. The casino has been the inspiration of many silver screen presentations of a lifestyle of glamour and allure. It has made an appearance in some Hollywood classics from the Golden era too. The outside is richly decorated with marble statues and onyx columns. Every single night is an affair with Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and Rolls Royce’s dropping their patrons at the Old-World entrance before they float up the sweeping steps into a night of splendour. Dressed in the best as designed by the leading fashion houses of the world. Nothing is spared in their attire or their entertainment. The inside is as richly decorated with stained glass windows and enticingly dramatic frescoes covering the walls between the Rococo ceiling and the floor. Players at these tables settle only for high-stakes of French Roulette, Trente et Quarante or Poker.