The Holborn Group, a famous real estate developer in the Vancouver area, has received one of the most significant awards available in their industry. The 26th Annual International Property Award Ceremony hosted the greatest minds in contemporary house design, which included the Holborn Group. They received an award for their second phase of the Holborn University Heights Complex for lower-income single families. This is considered to be the highest level of achievement for any retail developer. A panel of eighty industry experts than judges the innovation, quality, design and service of the developers most recent phase. This extends to the home developers’ level of originality and sustainability commitment. Receiving this award allows for the Holborn Group to promote that it won a world-renowned prize for excellence.

It’s not surprising that the Holborn Group won this year’s award. The Holborn University Heights: Phase II Project, is unlike any other lower-income housing complexes in North America. Holborn purposely built complexes that represent contemporary environments with natural landscapes and modern architecture, which would then back on to mountains in British Columbia. The homes have been credited for being filled with natural and fake light, while also being spacious and providing minimalist design qualities. The result is a home that’s awe-inspiring to witness, with aesthetics being refined and improved by the natural organic surroundings. For lower-income houses in Canada, these homes look more modern than most offered across the Nation. The downside is that it’s slightly over the top and paints a false picture of the British Columbia Housing Problem.

Complex Details

The Holborn University Heights Complex, which is considered as a master-planned community, is located in Squamish. This British Columbia town is one of the highest elevated in Canada, with residents have incredible views of the Garibaldi Mountains. This is the first time that new community housing has been built for the Squamish Region. Those moving to Holborn University Heights can anticipate modernly designed aesthetics, which are contemporary and seeking connection with natural environments around the Garibaldi Mountains.

Holborn Group History

For those who aren’t aware, the Holborn Group originally began as a developer in the Vancouver Region. Eventually, they became a sensation in the province of British Columbia. Today they’ve built multiple communities regarding residential and commercial buildings. Holborn has even built hotels for Hilton in Vancouver. Those purchasing one of their homes can expect innovation and integrity with every model designed. The goal is to have the utmost commitment to clients, leaving no issue unsolved.